DENSE-OUT® Vibratory AIR Separator

Shake & Sort With AIR

The DENSE-OUT® is a cost-effective solution for bulk processing of a wide range of materials fully capable of removing “heavies” such as rocks, bricks, metals, glass, ice lumps, knots, etc., from less dense materials.

The ideal combination of form and function. ACTION’s versatile, multi-stage, density separator integrates the advantages of vibratory technology with controlled air for the efficient separation of a wide range of mixed materials.



Principle of Operation
Materials processed by the DENSE-OUT® are separated according to:

Particles of the same size but differing in weight can be separated.

Particles of the same density but differing in size and shape can be separated.

Materials of similar size, shape and weight are difficult to separate. In all cases, separation efficiency is directly related to the magnitude of difference in the above characteristics for any set of materials.


  • The use of air as a separation medium in conjunction with core vibratory technology conveys and fluidizes materials for accurate, high capacity separations.
  • Recover the highest quality and quantity of end products
  • Compact design for easy integration
  • Dry system. No water storage, settling tanks, sludge generation or product degradation.
  • Rugged construction for reliable 24 hour industrial use
  • Boosts commercial value of “lights” or “heavies”
  • Efficient air and energy usage
  • Adjustability provides flexibility for greater separation efficiency
  • Reduces manual labor and maintenance costs
  • Reduces landfill volumes and disposal fees
  • Can be retrofitted within an existing plant
  • Operation is based on a simple yet precise blowing principle rather than an energy intensive, complex suction arrangement


  • C&D Debris (construction & demolition debris)
  • Glass cleaning
  • Aggregate cleaning
  • Compost cleaning
  • UBC (Used Beverage Can) cleaning
  • Wood chip cleaning
  • ASR – Recovery of both ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • RDF (refuse-derived fuel)
  • Shredded MSW (municipal solid waste)
  • Biomass / Hog fuel clean-up by removing rocks & metals
  • Multi-fraction separating for heavies, lights & super lights
  • Paper and plastic separation
  • Unpickable lights (fines, foils, small paper) removal
  • Industrial / Commercial Waste Sorting
  • Electronic Waste
  • Inert material cleaning to meet landfill specifications
  • Other mixed bulk materials