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The patented MAG-SORT® efficiently recovers valuable ferrous metals from bulk materials via the use of powerful suspended in-line magnetic separators in conjunction with an underlying multi-deck vibrating conveyor.
• Recover ferrous metals from granulated tires (tire wire), mattresses, e-scrap, rag rope, and other bulk materials.
• Recover valuable non-ferrous products while minimizing disposal costs
• Individual ferrous, non-ferrous, and recirculatory discharges are common
• Locate directly under a size reduction machine (eliminates belts and maintenance) or externally
• Multiple configurations are available to suit the application including ability to adjust product purity, screen, and recirculate to a size reduction machine.
• High volume processing
• Quick pay back

US Pat. 7,438,187


Magnetic Separators

ACTION’s Magnetic Separator generates a constant force and performs “work” on ferrous objects below. Ferrous materials are lifted from the lower product stream by a strong, deep reach overhead magnet with material being captured on a cleated overhead belt prior to discharge beyond the head pulley. Magnetic circuit configurations are based on material properties (density, size, shape, etc.), surroundings (temperature, humidity, etc.), and other items such as belt speed, type, and product depth. The ACTION Magnetic Separator is capable of removing ferrous materials from burden depths of up to 8” at belt speeds up to 300 fpm on flat or troughed belts. Standard models are available for material depth ranges of 1”-2”, 2”-4”, and 4”-8”. Unit supports with turnbuckle adjustment, expanded metal guarding on the ends of the conveyor plus product discharge chutes are common options.

Magnetic Traps

The ACTION Magnetic Trap successfully catches small pieces of tramp metal before the metal detector, helping to prevent machinery damage, costly shutdowns, spark induced fires, explosions, and reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for continual metal detector monitoring with undesirable sensitivity adjustments. The ACTION Magnetic Trap can be retrofitted to most existing vibrating conveyors.


  • Scrap Tires
  • E-Scrap
  • Rag-Rope