Stroke Control Unit (SCU)

Advanced Process Control

Some things should happen automatically. Like stroke control, for example. You’ve got plenty of other things to keep you occupied. The SCU is an automatic control system that guarantees that your vibrating conveyor will not unexpectedly “overstroke”. Enter another ACTION hallmark; a fully integrated Stroke Control Unit (SCU) for natural frequency vibrating conveyors.

The totally integrated SCU is a high-integrity programmable safety system designed to protect your investment through active intelligent management of vibratory stroke amplitude, eliminating costly problems attributable to undesirable, unnoticed, irregular, and uncontrolled operating variables. By continuously monitoring and automatically controlling stroke, a mechanically sound conveyor is maintained under all operating conditions without unexpected stroke mandated shutdowns. The SCU is an important link in centralized process automation and offers impeccable reliability, ideally suited for extraordinarily abnormal operating conditions or when conveyors are inaccessible.

US PATENT NO. 5,944,170