When you make a purchase, we make a commitment

Since a machine is only as good as the parts that link it together, we think you will agree that replacement parts play a critical role in machine performance. Each ACTION component is engineered and consistently manufactured to exacting tolerances for long lasting performance.

ACTION’s parts department is run by dedicated, responsive professionals with KNOW-HOW and the ability to provide technical service support. It’s never been easier. Our extensive inventory means the right part is available and can be delivered to your facility overnight. ACTION accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards and corporate purchasing cards for purchases over $200.

Common Parts

  • Reaction Springs
  • Rocker Arms / Stabilizers
  • Rocker Arm Bushings
  • Drive Springs
  • Bearings
  • Eccentric Shafts and Collars
  • Rubber Isolation Mounts
  • Coil Spring Isolation Mounts
  • Chipper In-Feed Spouts
  • Feeder Motors
  • Fiberglass Leaf Springs
  • Replacement Pan Sections
  • Fiberglass Metal Detector Sections

Equipment Refurbishment

In-house conveyor refurbishment and repair is available to upgrade older units to meet or exceed current performance requirements. Quick turnarounds are available for custom fabricated parts.

  • Upgrade your rubber cushion drive to a modern Coil Spring Drive
  • Component inspection and replacement
  • Equipment testing and tuning
  • Drawing / layout modification
  • Quality repainting and touch up

Drive Upgrades

ACTION’s reliable and responsive natural frequency Coil Spring Drive minimizes destructive force concentrations, permits smooth starts and stops under load conditions, and minimizes power consumption.

Call ACTION today and move beyond direct drive or cumbersome rubber compression drives.