ACTION Wireless Vibration Meter & App

It’s a better way to work!

The ACTION Vibration Meter is an essential diagnostic device offering wireless collection, evaluation, and sharing of key operating data. In addition to other operating parameters, this useful tool measures displays maximum operating strokes.

• Easy to use App with straight-forward interface provides information you need at a glance.
• Customized Apple iPod supplied with meter for guaranteed compatibility.
• BLE compatible for seamless pairing.
• High strength magnetic attachment to ensure that the sensor module stays in place.
• Built-in rechargeable battery with USB charging ability and auto shut-off.
• Protective carry case, charging cable, and Apple iPod configured for use with the ACTION Vibration Meter are included.

• Replaces less accurate antiquated stroke measuring methods and registers values that are undetectable to the eye.
• Safely collect stroke readings from the provided iPod and compare to factory settings.
• Save operating data for future analysis to develop best practices.
• Email stroke readings directly to ACTION’s Service Department.
• Useable with any make of vibratory equipment.